UC Berkeley

Commutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry Seminar

September 29, 2015

939 Evans Hall

5:00PM: Betti Tables of MCM Modules over the Cones of Plane Cubics

Alexander Pavlov

Graded Betti numbers are classical invariants of finitely generated modules over graded rings describing the shape of a minimal free resolution. We show that for maximal Cohen-Macaulay (MCM) modules over a homogeneous coordinate rings of smooth Calabi-Yau varieties X computation of Betti numbers can be reduced to computations of dimensions of certain Hom groups in the bounded derived category D(X). In the simplest case of a smooth elliptic curve embedded into projective plane as a cubic we use our formula to get explicit answers for Betti numbers. In this case we show that there are only four possible shapes of the Betti tables up to a shifts in internal degree, and two possible shapes up to a shift in internal degree and taking syzygies.

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