UC Berkeley

Commutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry Seminar

November 07, 2017

939 Evans Hall

3:45PM: Lower Bounds for Betti Numbers

Adam Boocher

The Rank Conjecture of Buchsbaum-Eisenbud and Horrocks says roughly that the Koszul complex is the "smallest" possible resolution. In this talk, I'll discuss this conjecture and several stronger and weaker incarnations of it. After surveying what is known, I'll describe some recent work with Jimmy Seiner for monomial ideals.

5:00PM: Chris Eur

Stillman's Question, Solved! (Part 2)

We continue the journey of Ananyan and Hochster's resolution of Stillman's Question. After a brief review of the main theorems, we dive right into the technical details. Our goal will be to build necessary tools to prove the main theorems, in particular to make precise the statement that small collapse is equivalent to small codimension of singular locus.

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