UC Berkeley

Commutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry Seminar

Fall 2007

Tuesdays, 3:45-6:00
939 Evans Hall
Organized by David Eisenbud

PDF notes, where available, are provided courtesy of Bjorn Poonen, who in no way vouches for their accuracy or completeness

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08/28  3:45PM David Eisenbud When does I/I^2 have a free summand? A theorem
           5:00PM Shaowei Lin Relations between the Principal Minors of a 4 x 4 Matrix
09/04  3:45PM Sam Payne Frobenius splittings and equations defining toric varieties
           5:00PM Ed Carter Free resolution of a module on a complete intersection
09/11  3:45PM Mauricio Velasco Some monomial ideals associated to simplicial complexes
           5:00PM Anne Shiu Toric Dynamical Systems
09/25  3:45PM Persi Diaconis Fixed Points of Random Permutations
           5:00PM Jameel Al-Aidroos The Tautological Ring of the Moduli
10/02  3:45PM Andrew Sommese Recent Results in Numerical Algebraic Geometry
           5:00PM Frank-Olaf Schreyer Over-constrained mechanisms and curves of genus 7
10/09  5:10PM Giulio Caviglia Ideals containing regular sequences: their number of generators, Hilbert functions and Castelnuovo-Mumford regularity
10/16  3:45PM Brian Osserman The philosophy of stacks
           5:00PM Dustin Cartwright The Hilbert scheme of 8 points in 4 space
10/30  3:45PM Ravi Vakil (Stanford Reimagining universal covers and fundamental groups in algebraic
           5:00PM David Berlekamp Resolutions of Monomial Ideals
11/06  3:45PM Daniel Robertz Computing Regularity of Homogeneous Ideals
           5:00PM Charles Crissman A Prime Ideal Principle (after Lam and Reyes)
11/13  3:45PM Martin Olsson Motivation for Deligne's conjecture for stacks
           5:00PM Dagan Karp Introduction to Gromov-Witten Theory and the "Large N" Conjecture
11/27  3:45PM William Fulton (Michigan) On the Equivariant Cohomology of Homogeneous Varieties Stanford Rm 383-N
           5:00PM Aaron Bertram (Utah) Vanishing and stability Stanford Rm 383-N
12/04  12:15AM T.Y. Lam Linear Algebra Over Commutative Rings   --- http://math.berkeley.edu/~lam/amspfaff.pdf
           12:17AM Ed Carter Complete Intersections of Codimension 2 (after Avramov-Buchweitz)