UC Berkeley

Commutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry Seminar

Spring 2016

Tuesdays, 3:45-6:00
939 Evans Hall
Organized by David Eisenbud

PDF notes, where available, are provided courtesy of Bjorn Poonen, who in no way vouches for their accuracy or completeness

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01/19  3:45PM Vasudevan Srinivas Elementary introduction to the Weil Conjectures
           5:00PM Vasudevan Srinivas The diagonal problem
01/26  3:45PM David Eisenbud Duality for Residual Intersections
           5:00PM Student seminar Chapter 1 of “3264 & All That”
02/09  3:45PM Nic Ford Boij-Soderberg Theory
           5:00PM Student seminar 3264 & All That
02/23  3:45PM Alexander Polishchuk Moduli spaces of curves with nonspecial divisors and A-infinity algebras  (2-hour talk)
03/01  3:45PM Bernd Sturmfels Real Rank Geometry of Ternary Forms
03/08  3:45PM Craig Huneke Symbolic powers and the question of uniform growth
03/15  3:45PM Francesco Cavazzani Complete twisted cubics
03/22  3:45PM Fatemeh Mohammadi Degenerating Grassmannians into toric varieties
03/29  3:45PM Greg Blekherman Do Sums of Squares Dream of Free Resolutions?
           5:00PM n/a Student seminar on 3264
04/05  3:45PM Piotr Achinger Liftability of varieties in characteristic p.
04/12  3:45PM Bernd Sturmfels Nearest Points on Toric Varieties
04/19  3:45PM David Eisenbud Maximal Cohen-Macaulay modules, MCM approximations, and their uses
04/26  3:45PM No seminar  (2-hour talk)
05/03  3:45PM Hélène Barcelo Discrete homotopy and homology groups   --- This will be the last seminar of the semester; have a good summer!