UC Berkeley

Commutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry Seminar

Spring 2019

Tuesdays, 3:45-6:00
939 Evans Hall
Organized by David Eisenbud

PDF notes, where available, are provided courtesy of Bjorn Poonen, who in no way vouches for their accuracy or completeness

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01/22  3:45PM Joseph M. Landsberg Algebraic geometry and representation theory meets complexity theory (Part I)
           5:00PM Joseph M. Landsberg Algebraic geometry and representation theory meets complexity theory (Part II)
01/29    No seminar
02/05    No seminar
02/12  3:45PM Burt Totaro Terminal singularities that are not Cohen-Macaulay
           5:00PM Madeline Brandt Symmetric powers of algebraic and tropical curves
02/26  5:00PM Chris Eur Chow rings of matroids, ring of matroid quotients, and beyond
03/05  3:45PM Federico Ardila The nef cone of a Coxeter complex: $\Phi$-submodular functions and deformations of $\Phi$-permutahedra
           5:00PM No talk
03/12    No seminars today
03/19    No seminars today
03/26    No seminars today
04/02  3:45PM Michael Stillman Quadratic Gorenstein rings and the Koszul property
           5:00PM Netanel Friedenberg Equivariant completions for degenerations of toric varieties
04/09  3:45PM Diane Maclagan Tropical commutative algebra
           5:00PM David Eisenbud The Priddy Koszul complex and resolution of the residue field of a local ring
04/16  3:45PM Hai Long Dao Regularity, singularities and $h$-vector of graded algebras
           5:00PM Ritvik Ramkumar On the tangent space to the Hilbert scheme of points in P^3
04/23  3:45PM Jeremy Gray Felix Klein, Galois Theory, and the Icosahedron
           5:00PM Mengyuan Zhang Indecomposable rank two bundles on Pn