UC Berkeley

Commutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry Seminar

Spring 2020

Tuesdays, 3:45-6:00
939 Evans Hall
Organized by David Eisenbud

PDF notes, where available, are provided courtesy of Bjorn Poonen, who in no way vouches for their accuracy or completeness

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Spring 2020

   1:30PM Claudiu Raicu Commutative Algebra with S_n-invariant monomial ideals Online via Zoom (2-hour talk)
01/21  3:45PM Carl Lian Enumerating pencils with moving ramification on curves
           5:00PM Takumi Murayama Singularities of generic projection hypersurfaces
01/28  3:45PM Yassine El Mazzouz P-adic Gaussians and their tropicalization
           5:00PM Isabelle Shankar Symmetry adapted Gram spectrahedron
02/04  3:45PM Bernd Sturmfels Primary Ideals and Differential Equations
           5:00PM Chris Eur K-theoretic Tutte polynomials of morphisms of matroids
02/11  3:45PM Eugene Gorsky Hilbert schemes and link homology
           5:00PM Lauren Heller An overview of Bertini-type theorems
02/18  3:45PM Daniel Bragg Derived invariants of varieties in positive characteristic
           5:00PM Yuhan Jiang Geometry of Ellipses
02/25  3:45PM Bernd Sturmfels Theta Surfaces
           5:00PM Ruriko Yoshida Tropical Support Vector Machines
03/03  3:45PM John Voight The Belyi degree of a curve is computable
           5:00PM Adrian Zahariuc A Riemann-Hurwitz-Plucker Formula
03/10  3:45PM David Eisenbud Gorenstein rings and Tate Resolutions
           5:00PM Mengyuan Zhang Biliaison of sheaves
03/31  3:45PM Srikanth Iyengar The complete intersection property through the lens of derived categories Online via Zoom
           5:00PM Lauren Heller The complete intersection property through the lens of derived categories Online via Zoom
04/09  1:30PM Linquan Ma Multiplicities over local rings, Lech's conjecture, and lim Ulrich sequence Online via zoom (2-hour talk)
04/16  1:30PM Anurag Singh Hankel determinantal rings Online via Zoom (2-hour talk)
04/23  1:30PM Mike Stillman Quadratic Gorenstein rings and the Koszul property (joint work with Matt Mastroeni and Hal Schenck) Online via Zoom (2-hour talk)
04/30  1:30PM Christine Berkesch The geometry of toric syzygies Online via Zoom (2-hour talk)
05/05  5:10PM Xianglong Ni Invariant Theory of Some Finite Groups Online via Zoom
05/07  1:30PM Jack Jeffries Two applications of p-derivations to commutative algebra Online via Zoom (2-hour talk)
05/14  1:30PM Dan Erman Boundedness questions for polynomials in many variables Online via Zoom (2-hour talk)